Photographs of English Fashions from 1893

From Cassell’s Family Magazine, 1893. Click on an image to enlarge it. 

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6 Responses to Photographs of English Fashions from 1893

  1. Abigail Carlton says:

    I love how even the most “gamine” of these women had a real “don’t f*ck with me” look. That’s how one rules an empire.

  2. Susanna says:

    @Abigail – They’re packing under the petticoat.

  3. Ella Quinn says:

    Very nice. But why is it that none of the people look happy.

  4. Susanna says:

    @Ella – I think their clothes look kinda painful (and they’re British)

  5. Mae says:

    This website is a goldmine for my costume design class. Thank you!

    Furthermore, these women look a mite cranky only because with the photography at the time, you had to hold still for upwards of 20 minutes or more. If you can hold your face in a non-relaxed position for that long, what mom says holds true– you’ve probably frozen that way ^_~!

  6. Susanna says:

    Hi, @Mae! I’m so glad you enjoy the site! Those poor women who had to pose for 20 minutes…what we do for fashion 🙂

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