Guest Post from Emily Greenwood: Five Things Viscount Roxham Loves about Lily Teagarden

emily-greenwoodThank you so much for having me on your blog today, Susanna! I thought we could take a little peek at what the main characters from my current Sourcebooks release, GENTLEMEN PREFER MISCHIEF, are up to at the moment.

To introduce your readers a little, Miss Lily Teagarden is a serious young woman who doesn’t have time for romance—and certainly not with her handsome rake of a neighbor, Hal Waverly, Viscount Roxham. But at the moment, she’s being forced to enjoy a house party on his estate, and if you sort of squint your eyes, you can see her right now, striding purposefully through his beautiful garden.

Oblivious to the heady scent of summer roses in the air, she’s focusing on a to-do list of worthy undertakings. But as she passes an enormous lilac bush, she spies Hal, who’s standing beside a stone table on which he’s tracing his fingers in a light coating of dirt. She can’t resist a comment…

“It will be much more effective to get a cloth, Roxham. And while you’re cleaning up, that statue behind you is quite filthy.”

Hal laughs. “It’s the outdoors, Lily. Things are supposed to be dirty.”

She sniffs, and her eyes fall to the tabletop, where she sees there are letters in the dust.

“What are you doing?”

He grins. “Writing a list of things I love about you.”

A happy little shiver runs across her shoulders. She shouldn’t be interested… but she is.

“How preposterous. Let me see.” (She pretends not to notice his pleased smile as she leans closer to the list.)


Five Things I Love about Lily Teagarden

1. Her eyes.

Lily (arching an eyebrow skeptically): A ridiculous thing to love about a person.  None of us has any control over our eye color.

Hal: Perhaps it’s because they’re your eyes that I find them especially beautiful, though really, they are the most remarkable shade of blue. I’m sure no one else has eyes like you.

Lily: You might as well admire my kneecaps!

Hal: I’d have to see them first, but I would be most willing –

Lily: That won’t be necessary.

Hal: I can see you smiling.

She rolls her eyes and glances back at the list.

2. Her laugh.

Lily: My laugh. Have you even heard me laugh?

Hal (chuckling): Once, four years ago. But the memory of it teases me. It’s a challenge I’ve set for myself—to see if I can get you to laugh again.

Lily (with lips twitching): Perhaps I do laugh, when you don’t see. Perhaps I sit in my bed chamber simply overcome with mocking laughter at all the crazy things you do.

Hal: Now you’re making me want to peek in your window.

She moves on to the next item.

3. Her creativity.

Lily: If this has to do with that journal of mine that you stole four years ago—

Hal: Took.

Lily: It wasn’t for anyone’s eyes but mine!

Hal: Come now, sweet, there are some really compelling passages in your little book.

Lily (sticking her nose in the air): You have an inordinate interest in that journal.

Hal: That’s because it’s about me.

Lily: This is a ridiculous list.

Hal: Maybe, but it’s my list.

4. Her seriousness

Lily: Now I know you’re just mocking me.

Hal: I’m not! (He drops a kiss on her cheek, making her smile though she’s trying to maintain her seriousness.) I’m entirely fascinated by your capacity to focus.

Lily: That’s because you have so much trouble being serious.

Hal: Which means we balance each other perfectly!

Lily (hiding a laugh): And the fifth thing? I only see four items on this nonsense-y list.

Hal: That’s because the fifth thing is something I have to show you…

Emily here—Well, there they go, off to a secluded part of the garden to finish their conversation. Thanks again, Susanna, for having me and my characters here today!

Is there anything you’d put on a list of things you love about your favorite hero –real or fictional? Leave a comment (any comment!) for a chance to win one of two copies of GENTLEMEN PREFER MISCHIEF. US only. Winners will be chosen on Friday, April  11th. 


Emily Greenwood has a degree in French and worked for a number of years as a writer, crafting newsletters and fundraising brochures. But she far prefers writing playful love stories set in Regency England, and she thinks romance is the chocolate of literature. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters. You can learn more about her and her books at

Read the first three chapters of Gentlemen Prefer Mischief at Scribd or purchase at
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16 Replies to “Guest Post from Emily Greenwood: Five Things Viscount Roxham Loves about Lily Teagarden”

  1. Well for one thing, my hero has better be able to love me for who I am. He has to has some humor because I don’t want a dull husband and because I can never be funny. I want him to at least know how to cook…I think it’s because all my brothers knows how to and so I just want him to know how to as well.
    I love your list though! I haven’t read the book yet even though I’ve read book one and this book…I need spring break to come so I can read it at least.

  2. Sandy, love your comment! You said the best thing right off the bat, which I totally agree with. And the sense of humor–soo important. My husband is not big on cooking, but he is very enthusiastic about fetching takeout and a big fan of my cooking, and he still entertains me after all these years (I was a child bride!), so he’s a keeper.

  3. Hi Susanna and welcome Emily!!! Eeeekkk~ Can I just say how much my cheeks hurt from smiling throughout this who interaction between the two mischiefs! I’ll have to pick them up!

    But as for my list…. Dimples. I super love them dimples when a hero smiles, especially in a killer smile. Humor, they’ve got to be able to make me laugh even if it’s scandalous titbits or very inappropriate. They are great listener even when you hate it when they eavesdrop, and of course always observing what goes around them, even if I hate being watched too. 😉 I just nice to know they care.

  4. Good morning, y’all! Sorry I was late getting the comments up. I fell asleep early last night.

  5. Ki Pha, glad you like my two “mischiefs” –love the way you called them that 🙂 I agree that dimples are pretty irresistible. And being able to really listen — absolutely! I love it when heroes and heroines really “hear” each other–even the things characters might not even realize they are saying…

  6. I absolutely loved the camaraderie between Hal and Lily. What a wonderful couple they make. Now, for me, my hero has to have humor, a sense of compassion, and be able to love me whole-heartedly regardless of any faults that I might have. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  7. I am looking forward to reading GENTLEMEN PREFER MISCHIEF.,Thank you for the opportunity to win.Have a wonderful week.

  8. I so enjoy a gentleman with a sense of rumor. But he can have the serious side also when the need arises. Just the short excerpt has me wanting to read more! Thank you for the opportunity !

  9. I agree with everyone about a sense of humor. A heart of gold is a good trait, too! And of course, if he is a hunk, that would be fine, too!

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