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Hot Iron Age Lovin’

by Susanna Ives You’ve read Regency, Roman, Victorian, Ottoman Empire, Western and Viking, but let me introduce you to a new romance setting: Iron Age Denmark. Because nothing says romance like sleeping in a thatched mud and wattle hut in … Continue reading

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My Traditional Scandinavian Christmas

By Susanna Ives The following was written with the help of my Scandinavian in-laws. I can’t vouch for the historical accuracy of the information, but it makes for a great story. The Scandinavian Christmas celebration starts on the first Sunday … Continue reading

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Bath – Gettin’ all Regency

Minerva The Baths N took the children to Stonehenge, leaving Mom and I to wander Bath. Actually “wander” is not an accurate term as it connotes something leisurely. We had exactly six hours to see the city before being carted … Continue reading

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St. Servaas Basilica

My last week in Netherlands the weather turned cold and rainy. That depressing gray drizzle that you can walk about in, go to the grocery store or bank in, but you would rather lounge on the sofa, drinking hot Jasmine … Continue reading

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Bruges – Tourist Trap Since the 1800s.

As someone living in a congested metro area, I can handle some bad traffic—five o’clock on Friday, one mile in one hour kind of traffic. But after having been repeatedly stuck on the bahn for entire days with a screaming … Continue reading

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