Nighttime in Netherlands

We are here, but very jet-lagged, so forgive my grammatical errors. After landing in Amsterdam, we drove a Peugeot station wagon across the Netherlands. A station wagon with a sunroof, mind you. In Europe, you can be a parent and stylish!

house in Maastricht

Our house is a lovely brown, brick semi-attached thing with a gravel back garden. All very IKEA and utilitarian, but comfortable. That’s one thing about the Netherlands, it looks so severe and modern, but feels wonderful. Nothing too big or too small, a nice balance.

Of course, there is modern art about the walls, as with every rental we’ve had here. I love the sensibility of art as a “basic” requirement of living.

It is drizzling here and those dense clouds of winter hang overhead, tinting everything gray.  It feels wonderful to my dry skin.

N and the children foraged for food at the Albert Hein while I slept. They brought back lingonberries, the wonderful, creamy yogurt you can only find here, and that fabulous product called “Vive” which is the shot glass equivalent of something like 50% of your daily fruit and vegetables.

The children fell asleep the lulling sound of Dutch Nickelodeon. Hopefully, they will sleep through the night.