Regency Illustrations of Salisbury and Canterbury Cathedrals

Tonight I was looking for images for Nancy Mayer’s new page The Bishops and Archbishops in England in 1815.  I found more beautiful illustrations than I needed of Canterbury and Salisbury Cathedrals, so I decided to make a little gallery of the images. The pictures come from Cathedral Antiquities: Salisbury. 1814 and A graphical illustration of the metropolitan cathedral church of Canterbury: accompanied by a history and description … of that venerable fabric … : also comprising biographical sketches of the lives of the archbishops, and deans of Canterbury : and historical notices of the celebrated Convent of Christchurch, published in 1816

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  1. I’ve been to Salisbury Cathedral — they have one of the originals of the Magna Carta there. I bought a poster of it to frame and put on the wall, but as usual with such purchases, it’s still rolled up in its wrapping. One of these days…

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