Regency and Victorian Money

1 farthing (¼d)
4 farthings = 1 penny (1d)
12 pence = 1 shilling (1s)
20 shillings = 1 pound (£1 or 1l)

According to Wikipedia, prices less than a pound were broken into shilling and pence. Hence, three shilling and six pence would be termed “three and six.”

Common-ish coins in Regency and Victorian England

Farthing bronze1/4d
Halfpenny or Ha’penny copper, bronze1/2d
Penny silver, copper, bronze1d
Threepence, Thruppence, Thruppenny bit silver3d
Fourpence, Fourpenny bit, Groat silver4dVictorian (1836-1855 & 1888)
The Sixpence, Sixpenny bit, Tannersilver6d
Shilling, Bobsilver1s
Florin silver2sVictorian (first issued 1849)
Half Crown silver2s 6d
Crown silver5s
Half Sovereign silver10sFirst issued 1817
Half Guineagold10s 6dRegency (eliminated in Great Recoinage of 1816)
Guineagold21sRegency (eliminated in Great Recoinage of 1816)
Sovereigngold1lFirst issued 1817