Floor Plan of a Regency Era Vicarage

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So, I’m still digging around in the “Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions,” by Rudolph Ackermann and Frederic Shoberl. Today, I found the floor plan of a vicarage. It’s fascinating to me because my favorite part of writing is setting. When I’m visiting an old home, I like to walk alone through the rooms to breathe the air, hear my foot steps on the floor, and imagine the energy of the inhabitants from years before as they moved through the same space.

For London floor plans, try The Survey of London

My friend Nancy Mayer sent me this great link which shows the floor plans of Highclere Castle 



3 Replies to “Floor Plan of a Regency Era Vicarage”

  1. I remember being facinated by that Bath floor plan as a child, absolutely caught my imagination. I have say, I love the plan for the vicarage.

  2. I have this same floor plan in a copy of Pride and Prejudice, and I really appreciate being able to see it in a larger format!

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