Le Bon Genre – Parisian Social Life in the Early 1800s

As I research potential blog posts, I often run across references to Le Bon Genre.  Well, I’ve finally found the obscure book or, to be more accurate, series of prints illustrating Parisian social life in the early 1800s. I’ve posted about twenty images from the many in the document. If you are a Regency enthusiast, I highly recommend that you view the entire collection which is now public domain and online thanks to the wonderful, wonderful Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Usually I try to restore the old images that I place on my blog. However, the Le Bon Genre pictures looked so fabulous that I didn’t do anything cosmetic to them.


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  1. @Catherine Scott – I especially like the image of the lady going to paint and her old, weary servant having to carry the chair and ladder. Didn’t this country just have a revolution…

  2. Thank you very much for presenting us the beautiful and humourus engravings of Le bon genre! I possess No 29 & 30 Le Lever des Grisettes & Le coucher des Grisettes. In light pastel tints. Tipycally Empire-style. And I think- al later impression of Les Titus et les Cache-folie in crazy colours!
    Rob de Bree

  3. @Rob — How lucky you are! I think these images are just gorgeous. I did wonder about the time frame. These were printed in 1827 ish (?) but the styles look much older. I love the vivid red in the images.

  4. How do I get more information on these. I have no.18 and would like to know the worth.

  5. We have 4 of these prints that have been in the family for quite a while. They are actual prints that do not seem to have been taken from a book. Is there any way to tell when they were printed?

  6. I have prints no.5, 84 and 85 in frames from the 1920’s. Also would like to know what they might be worth.

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