Taking a Sentimental Journey – Images of Rakes and Radishes

I was updating my website with excerpts from my books when I came across some graphics from an old version of my website from over seven years ago. These were images drawn for Rakes and Radishes when I was learning how to illustrate in Flash. Granted, I’m not a very good digital artist, but these images brought back happy memories.  Thank you for letting me share them with you.

graphicnovel excerpt_talk excerpt_ladykesseley
excerpt_kesseley excerpt_Henrietta excerpt_eyetoeye excerpt_crying


12 Replies to “Taking a Sentimental Journey – Images of Rakes and Radishes”

  1. Oh, I draw much better with pencil and paper! This was me experimenting with Flash. I actually made a Flash movie, but I’m too embarrassed to show it.

  2. Show it. You could do a Graphic novel . You have the talent. Do it for fun once the contract is fulfilled. Don’t hide your talent. Love the scenes.

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