Working Out With Baby In 1900

Last night, in that state of sleepy but too tired to get up and put on PJs, I got swallowed into a  Pinterest  wormhole which led me through many archives until finally dumping me out at Google Books. I didn’t find what I was looking for but came across these fun images in Woman’s Physical Development of a mother working out with her baby in 1900.




5 Replies to “Working Out With Baby In 1900”

  1. Just being a mom will work you out quite a bit, thank you very much. Basic getting up and down while holding the baby will strengthen your knees. Giving a bath to an older child will strengthen your back. And carrying around said child will either strengthen or blow out your shoulders. But still, interesting article.

  2. Note the 1900 sports gear! – a shorter version of those “rompers” was still part of our sports school uniform in the 1960s

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