Release Day!

I’m thrilled that Frail finally releases today. After following my husband to Wales on several of his business trips, I decided that I ought to set a story in the lovely Welsh mountains. Frail began as a simple novella. However, over almost five years, subplots were added and secondary characters were fleshed out until what was a novella became a full-fledged novel!

frail_frontLondon socialite Helena Gillingham’s world is turned upside down when her father takes his own life after his fraudulent crimes are revealed. Cast from society and suddenly penniless, Helena must relocate to the Welsh mountains, only to learn that her new neighbor is none other than the notorious madman Theodotus Mallory. But is Theo really as mad as London society says?

Theo, tormented by the horrors he witnessed during the Crimean War, has finally found serenity in living a simple life tending to his gardens. Helena’s unexpected presence shatters that peace, for he harbors the devastating secret that led to her misfortunes. Now she is destitute and frightened because of him… and he can’t deny his mounting attraction to the beautiful young woman. Can he pursue a life with Helena, all the while knowing his role in her downfall?

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