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  1. I have several of your books though I don’t usually go for Victorians. This is an interesting piece as usual. I must say that the quote saying that the girls are treated tenderly is one I would want proven. Many sources say that women in the Magdalen homes or other facilities meant to keep females off the streets seem to feel that making them dress more plainly than Puritans and spend hours on their knees scrubbing, if not praying. It took a determined person to put up with that treatment.

  2. The tone of de Crespigny’s letter to her son was not what I would expect. If I understood it correctly, she’s basically telling him don’t be an a*** with women.

    Wicked, My Love is one of my favorites of your books! I love how each of your books has such a different tone.

  3. Thank you so much for all the work you do. I am investigating the family of a local Hall in the 18th century (Plas Gwyn, Pentraeth, Anglesey). The Champion de Crespigny family married into the Vivian family ( baronets of Truro) and then descendants married into the Panton family of Plas Gwyn and children often carried the Crespigny name. (19th and 20th centuries. )
    This is a really entertaining piece you have written. Many thanks

  4. Thank you! I agree, the tone is not what is expected and, I guess, that is what I found humorous. Overall, she is a very engaging storyteller. Thanks so much for commenting.

  5. Thanks so much for commenting. I hope I did not offend. It was exciting to find Lady Mary Champion de Crespigny because Jane Austen dominates the writerly landscape of that time. I wish to discover more forgotten Georgian and Victorian female writers. Unfortunately, I could find very little about her and tracked down only one of her fiction books. She is a very engaging writer. Good luck with your research!

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