9 Replies to “Ladies’ Prison Associations – Women in Newgate Prison 1812 – 1827”

  1. Great post! Thanks.

    The era is later, but there is a gripping novel set largely in a women’s prison in London in 1870, after some progress in reform, that I would recommend to any readers interested in a fictional visit to this world. It’s by Sarah Waters and is titled “Affinity.”

  2. @Kathleen,

    Oh, cool! Thanks for the recommendation! I love reading books set in the Victorian Era.

  3. This is particularly facinating to read through modern eyes and understanding….
    Only one paragraph referred to the life these women lead and how it made them what they were. Still blame is assigned.

  4. @Abigail, It’s all so very sad. I think James Neild was the least judgmental in his account of the prison. Those poor women…

  5. Fascinating! Pat Gaffney wrote a wonderful Victorian-set romance with a former convict heroine — TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. Heroine had been sentenced for killing her sexually abusive husband. It’s raw and very beautifully written. I think it’s one of her best.

  6. @Hope. Thanks! I will definitely download a sample chapter. Love reading books set in Victorian London. Adore Dickens.

  7. @Grace Those women having to take their children to prison. I think many were separated from their older children when they were sent to Australia.

  8. Thank you, Susanna, for this fascinating post. I’ve just started looking at Elizabeth Fry today and you’ve given me so much to think about.
    My own great-great-great grandmother was transported to New South Wales in 1817. I wonder if she ever saw Elizabeth Fry?

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