4 Replies to “Women in Late Joseon Korea – The Kisaeng”

  1. That was a very interesting read thank you, I landed on your post about kisaeng as I was curious to the meaning of the word after watching a few Korean shows like the aforementioned Mr Queen which my mother and I found hilarious and a little sad, just watching Nokdu at the moment.

  2. You’re welcome, thanks for your in-depth post about kisaengs. Have finished Nokdu it was great and very funny in places, now we’re watching 100 Days My Prince which is also the same as above. Have watched so many Chinese and Korean dramas on Netflix in the last year and they are all pretty amazing, The King’s Affection, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, Alchemy of Souls, Handsome Siblings, The Princess Weiyoung, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, Strong Girl Bong-Soon, Strong Girl Nam-Soon, Moon Embracing the Sun, Behind your Touch, Hwarang, Love Between Fairy and Devil, Eternal Love, Legend of the White Snake, Green Snake, Triad Princess, The Longest Promise, The Brothers Sun, Once Upon a Time I LingJian Mountain, and the one that started me on me my journey Who Rules The World which I absolutely loved! There are still so many more to enjoy!

  3. I have an acquaintance who adores Who Rules The World. I must give it another try If you haven’t already watched them, I would recommend Captivating the King, The Red Sleeve, A Korean Odyssey, Master’s Sun, The Revenant, and… hmmm, there’s one more. If I remember I’ll add it. Ah, Lovers of the Red Sky

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