Fashion from Journal Des Dames et Des Modes 1818 — Part I

This afternoon I was glancing through a publication from the Kyoto Costume Institute when I found a reference to “Journal Des Dames.” I hurried back to my computer and found the journal in the library of France! While I was working on my latest WIP, I kept Photoshop running and one by one made hasty restorations of the images.  Hopefully, I shall have more to post in the coming days.

Please click on a thumbnail to view the entire image.  Enjoy.

5 Replies to “Fashion from Journal Des Dames et Des Modes 1818 — Part I”

  1. Lovely.
    As I have mentioned before, fashion baffles me. I can’t understand how fads and fashions of the day work.
    Do show us more. Though fashion baffles me, I love looking at it.
    I wish I had talent as a dressmaker. I know many who can look at a print and draw up the pattern and make it much the same way that the dressmakers of the regency period worked.

  2. @Nancy — Yes, but if you sewed we wouldn’t have all your wonderful research! I prefer looking at pictures of fashion. And I’m getting a little tired of Ackerman and all.

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