A Collection of Victorian Flirtations

The holiday season has arrived!  We must make sure that we observe proper postage stamp flirtation when we send out our holiday greeting cards or that we know how to use our fork and knife to tell that special Victorian gentleman at our dining table that we want to meet him after dinner.  So, as a little early holiday present, I’m listing below all the various Victorian flirtations as described in The Mystery of Love, Courtship and Marriage Explained by Henry J Wehman, published in 1890 . Grab your hats, parasols, gloves and handkerchiefs and go flirt!



Language of Flowers

Ring Position

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  1. Dear Susanna!
    Thank you for your great collection of interesting information, pictures and notes about the time I like the most! I have a bilingual blog (Russian-English) about everything, including th 19th century. Could you please be so kind to allow to translate some of your posts for my Russian readers, of course, with the link to your blog as an original?

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