Les Modes from 1902

Once again I am watching Top Gear while photoshopping old images from Les Modes that I found in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.  It’s all about fast cars and beautiful clothes that I can’t own.

But a girl can dream…

Susanna’s note: I love the above dress. 

Susanna’s note: I want that bracelet!

I’m not sure the following dress is from 1902, but I found it with the above images and it’s so gorgeous that I had to include it.


3 Replies to “Les Modes from 1902”

  1. Rich lady dresses. Lovely but impractical for the woman who has to do her own housework . I wonder why women took to fashins of fabric sweeping the floor? Horrible in crowds and a pain even in the cleanest house. I would hope that evderyone wore dresses without trains during the day/
    Another point. just about a century before women’s dresses also had trains.
    Some of the gowns look theatrical. I would love the fur coat. and the fingerless mitts.
    I like the dress you like.
    Notice how some of the women seem to be made into a backward S shape? Protruding bust,
    Even when the woman is covered from clavicle to the floor, , designers found ways to push the bust forward. Male designers, of course.
    Love your offerings even though not in my period.

  2. @Nancy That’s the thing I wonder about. I see so many images of Victorian Gowns in the 1840 -60s and every lady has on her Sunday best. I wonder what their daily clothes looked like. Did they wear those huge crinolines every day or just layers of petticoats. I need to research this…

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