The Sharp Dressed Victorian Man – Men’s Fashion in 1844 – Part I

Today I was researching fashion for my upcoming December release Wicked Little Secrets which is set in London in the 1840s.  I thought that over the next two days, I would share some lovely, er… I mean, handsome fashion images from the French journal L’Élégant : Journal Des Tailleurs  found in the 
Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Enjoy!

1844_2 1844_3 1844_4 1844_5 1844_6 1844_1


6 Replies to “The Sharp Dressed Victorian Man – Men’s Fashion in 1844 – Part I”

  1. Sharp enough to cut themselves.
    Are the short people children?
    Unnatural shapes.

  2. @Gaia, There are some really heinous stripe and check combinations in years prior to 1844. And those pleats!

  3. @Ella, oh, I love the Victorian era. Just imagine the fashion fun you could have with characters in these clothes!

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