Basking in Beautiful French Fashion from 1908

I was a good girl for nine full days and wrote blog posts chocked full of information. As a reward to myself and because Thursday is my favorite day of the week, I’m posting historic fashion eye candy from “Les Modes” in 1908.   And I’m not including any pesky historical information to get in the way of the visuals.


That’s all from me this week. If I get motivated over the weekend, I might try to transcribe more of The London Adviser and Guide. But, I feel a bad case of spring fever coming on. I ache to stretch out on a deck chair, sip mojitos, listen to Astrud Gilberto, and look at all the pretty flowers.

6 Replies to “Basking in Beautiful French Fashion from 1908”

  1. @Nancy, I don’t want to think about it. I suppose I could get off the porch rocker and go look it up in my book on historical underwear…maybe later.

  2. Oh this I know….
    They didn’t wear panties/underwear as we think of them They wore crotchless shorts. So there is nothing between where one pees and the fresh air — so to speak. You just had to aim well.

    But I love the dresses and want them.

  3. @Abigail, I love how you always know the details. What about that long underwear looking thing. I want the blue dress.

  4. @Ella – I think this has to be the most brutal age of women’s dress. In so many of these images, the women look like they are going to tip over. Their chests are drawn so high and their waists so small. But the dresses do look stunning. Suffering to be beautiful. Thank heavens for the 1920s fashion.

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