French Fashion – 1910

I have many blog entries planned, some on very serious topics like war and health. But I can’t stop looking at “Les Modes.” I promise that after this post, I won’t blog  about “Les Modes” for at least a  week (maybe)

But the dresses are so pretty…


Some interesting advertisements I found today.

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  1. You know these dresses so look more historical than the Regency ones. Perhaps if am just more accustomed to the regency fashions or it might be that dresses with Empire waists are more similar to some I might wear, or have worn.
    At the same time I feel that designers must study historical costumes and borrow parts from things from the past.

  2. I’m just mesmerized by these gowns, more so than Regency. You are right, we have so much Jane Austen in our culture, that Regency gowns seem a bit common now. Of course, I haven’t seen Downton Abbey, which is closer to the time period here.

  3. yes, the fashions of the early 1910s did borrow from the draping and neo-classical style of the Regency period, but over 100 years later 🙂

  4. Hi Reckless Abandon-If you can, please post more photos of early 20th century french fashion. I cannot get enough! I wonder if all of us devotees, once lived in that time period….just kidding of course, but as one of your followers wrote; “I”m just mesmerized by these gowns….”.

  5. I’m all about reincarnation:) Will post more fashions very soon as need to post something on blog. Thank you!!

  6. Oh how I would have loved to have lived in that era…… Just to wear those dresses!
    So romantic so feminine, a million miles away from where fashion is today
    please keep posting

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