Beautiful Actresses and Fashions from the Early 1920s

Today I’m posting images of silent film actresses in fabulous clothes, which I found in the Library Of Congress archives. These photographs date between 1920 – 1925. However, it is possible that a few earlier images might have slipped in. Sadly, I had to crop out many of the photographs’ handwritten labels when I processed the photos. If you look closely, you can find Joan Crawford,  Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, and Bebe Daniels.

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French Fashion from the 1840s.

t’s the weekend!

Happy shopping, baking, wrapping, partying, or just lounging about sipping hot chocolate and watching holiday movies (or K-dramas, in my case.) Here’s a slideshow of fashion illustrations to make you smile. They’re from the mid-1840s and found in Les Modes Parisiennes.